How does lead paint get from the surfaces of an apartment or home (walls, windows, doors, etc.) to a child’s blood stream and body organs?

The Windows & Door Company report that lead-based paint often peels and chips. Often, lead paint can be found on surfaces such as door jambs or window sills or other friction/impact surfaces.  Lead paint or dust can easily be sent airborne this way, and a child can then efficiently ingest the lead paint.  Young children are also exposed through routine hand-to-mouth activity after they have touched surfaces which were laden with lead paint dust, or by eating paint chips. Once ingested, a young child’s body efficiently absorbs the lead which is deposited throughout the child’s body, including the young child’s brain.

Every product at the Marvin Window and Door Company is made to order, and so is their creed: they treat every employee as if they were friends and neighbors – because, in the tiny town of Warroad, Minnesota, they are. Conor Knighton visits Warroad to find out what sets Marvin apart from many other firms, even when the company has faced difficult times.

This makes me feel good as I am replacing the windows in my house with the Marvin Infinity Series replacement window. I live in Virginia Beach close to the water, so the fiberglass window is a great option. I am replacing several a year over 4-5 years. I love the window and the installers here are factory trained. I didn’t know all of this about Marvin- great story. Happy to be patronizing this great American Company.