The world economy is becoming more and more reliant on innovations, and effective protection and enforcement of intellectual property (IP) rights is becoming more critical than ever for businesses to maintain a competitive edge. We represent many established multinational as well as early-stage companies, especially in the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device space, in protecting their intellectual property rights. We assist our clients in discovering patentable inventions, preparing, filing and prosecuting patent applications, negotiating patent licensing agreements, conducting IP due diligence, (non)infringement and freedom-to-operate studies, and litigate intellectual property disputes in courts. Our team of IP professionals are veterans in their fields and provide sophisticated and sensible IP solutions to our clients at sensible costs.

We help our clients identify inventions, as well as create and manage their patent strategies. We draft, file and prosecute U.S. and international patent applications, and also prosecute U.S. national phase applications based on international patent applications.

We help our clients search and analyze prior art to evaluate patentability of inventions before patent filing. We also manage our clients’ patent infringement risk exposure by performing patent landscape search and product clearance studies before product launch.

We review, analyze and manage patent, trademark, and contract assets in connection with business transactions and investments, and identify potential pitfalls and hurdles. We provide advice to investors and companies that need diligence, and conduct diligence processes in a time-efficient and thorough manner.

We perform pre-litigation investigation and analysis, and counsel clients on enforcement planning and strategy. We collaborate with patent litigation firms to institute lawsuits against infringers and defend our clients in patent suits.

We negotiate complex pharmaceutical and high-tech licensing deals, create joint ventures, strategic alliances and collaborations in technology and life sciences areas, and structure international IP transfers and cross-border transactions.

We facilitate strategic transactions and assist with day-to-day legal operations. We counsel clients, draft, and negotiate commercial contracts including joint venture, research and development, technology transfer, commercialization, option, license, clinical trial, service, supply, manufacturing, distribution, and internet related agreements.

We help our clients protect their brands. We perform pre-filing trademark searches, and prepare and file U.S. trademark registrations. We coordinate and manage international trademark filings. We also help our clients deal with trademark disputes and defend their rights, e.g., on various e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

Lin Sun-Hoffman, J.D., Ph.D.

Intellectual Property

Yong Chen, J.D., Ph.D.

Intellectual Property / Dispute Resolution

Wayne Montgomery, J.D.

Intellectual Property